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3 years ago

Top 10 Defects Impacting Testing.

Hello. I want to use the gadget "Top 10 Defects Impacting Testing" , but in my project i have about 20 versions... I want to have this gadget without version!

Anyone who knows how to solve that?



Gro Brentebråten

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    I don't have this gadget on my Cloud version of ZS so difficult for me to help here but I will try.  Have you tried using the Custom Query option in the gadget?  There are lots of criteria by Test Case, Cycle, Plan, and Execution - maybe one or a combination of those criteria might help you work around the version issue?


    Alternatively, my go to work around is to use the export dataset option (e.g. the test execution results list report) and from there you can manipulate the data in Excel to get what you need.