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4 years ago

Testcomplete integration



there is someone that have integrated Zephyr with Testcomplete? 

I have problems, could be that Testcomplete works only with Zephyr for jira?

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  • Hi msalvador,


    You can integrate TestComplete with Zephyr Squad (Zephyr for Jira) through the inserted option TestComplete, and you can also integrate with Zephyr Scale through the API. About the Zephyr Enterprise I don't know. Hope this helps.


    Here are some links.


    Zephyr Scale 


    Zephyr Squad 

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      Hi matheusfaria

      I miss to write that I use Zephyr Scale, about testcomplete is it possible to save results in junit structure, after that call the API to import in Zephyr.

      I'll do that.