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27 days ago

Test planning / scheduling

Hi we are using Zephyr Scale for HIL test cases (nightly and release tests, no planning needed) and also Validation (long running tests, those should be planned in time).

For the latter I noticed that there is Zephyr Enterprise that offers the possibility to visually schedule / plan for the upcoming tests.

Am I missing something, or where is this feature in Zephyr Scale or how would I achieve this?

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    That Gantt chart looks similar to one that can be produced in Jira using the Timeline feature, and you may want to check that out if you haven't already.

    The link you provided is from the Zephyr Enterprise help pages.  Enterprise is a different product to Scale, as you can see from the comparison list below.

    You can find out more about Enterprise here: Zephyr Enterprise | Test Management Solutions for Agile and DevOps By SmartBear

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      Indeed, the picture is from Enterprise, the question is why the "Scale" option does not offer the same feature?

      And indeed, the timeline feature of Jira looks like exactly what I am looking for but it's unnecessary double manual work of tracking the test runs/cases from Zephyr in Jira Tickets and Zephyr itself. It feels super inefficient this double work and the risk of missing something is extremely high..
      If there would be an option to sync Jira Tickets with Zephyr Test Cycles (with its Test cases) it would be an option .. but I didn't see this   (I guess the single source of truth should be Zephyr and the Jira Tasks are just visualizing the status)