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3 years ago

Test case version control notification not appearing in test player


Currently setting up our test cycle and I am checking out the versioning.

I wanted to check the following:

1. Create a new version and update the 'test steps' only


Based on the information in the following link:


I am expecting, to see a notification with that specific test case in the test player, that the test case is out dated, however this is not happening. 

Is there any know issue with this? 


""Changes to testing details only affect test executions using the current version. Changes to test steps do not affect test executions automatically to preserve the results history. However, the following notification appears on the Test Player screen: This test script is outdated because the test case has been changed. If you choose to update the test script, the steps are synced and updated"

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    I can confirm that the feature is working fine.  These are the steps I used to test:


    1. Add a new test case with 2 steps

    2. Add the new test case to 2 different test cycles

    3. Execute one of the two tests in the test cycle

    4. Go back to the test case and add step 3

    5. Go back to the test player for one/both of the test cycles you used

    6. Refresh the screen = the warning appears


    I'm assuming that adding the test case to 2 test cycles and executing one of them isn't necessary!


    Let me know how it goes.



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    Hi ckerr1 ,


    sounds to me, like you have the following situation (correct me, if I'm wrong).


    1. Create Test Case (Version 1.0)

    2. Put Test Case into Test Cycle (1.0)

    3. Create New Version of Test Case (2.0)

    4. Change Steps of Version 2.0

    5. Check for Notification in Existing Test Cycle (still TC Version 1.0)


    Since the test case that was added to the Test Cycle was at version 1.0 and you made changes to version 2.0, the notification does not show (since version 1.0 was not changed). Try adding the new version of the test case to a test cycle and make a change then and you should see the notification pop up.


    The notification does not appear if you just create a new version of a test case, because (as I understand the intent behind the feature) the versions are meant to be used side by side under certain circumstances. So, creating a new version doesn't necessarily mean, that the previous version is outdated at that point.


    I hope, I did not completely misinterpret your problem.




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      Thanks Community!


      Hi ckerr1! please mark the best reply as a solution.