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20 days ago

Subject: API Endpoint to update Test step status using Automation is missing in Zephyr Scale

Description: We are trying to update the Test Step status and add attachments to the Actual Result field in the Zephyr Scale using Test Automation. However, we are not able to find any API to update the Test Step status in the Zephyr Scale. But this capability is available in Zephyr Squad. We need guidance to figure out if there is any mechanism to update the Test Steps in the Zephyr Scale. The entire test case status is getting updated via Automation in the Zephyr Scale but particular test step status is not getting updated via Automation due to lack of API endpoint for Test step status.

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    I don't use the API that much but a look at the documentation seems to confirm what you're saying.  For a definitive answer I recommend you contact SmartBear support - they are very good and will be able to advise if there is any solution to your challenge.