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4 years ago

Status color of user defined status is not saved. (Zephyr scale)

I create a status for test executions.

And I would like to have it a different colour than the other statusses, so I select Purple.


When I save it the purple is shown, but as soon as the status is used in a step, the colour is grey and can hardly be distinguished from Not executed.


When I want to change the colour afterwards, it seems to save it, but it is overwritten instantly.


Any idea how to solve this problem? 


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    Hey Jip241


    That's annoying, and I think I've seen that before. It seems to work if I do it like that:


    1. Select a custom color in the color picker.
    2. Click outside the color picker, but not in the save button
    3. Then I click to save

    When I follow these steps, the color I selected is preserved.


    Maybe it's a workaround for now? But it looks like a bug for me, you shouldn't need to click outside the color picker before saving it.


    If possible, please raise a bug in the Zephyr Scale support portal, it would help to get it fixed:


    Zephyr Scale Server/DC

    Zephyr Scale Cloud


    Hope the workaround is not too bad for now.