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3 years ago

sensitive data loaded to Zephyr by mistake

Guys somehow i have managed to load data as an attachment by mistake to Zephyr  ( can't recall adding anything other than screenshots none of which had sensitive data)


have looked through all the test cases couldn't see any attachments 



is there a better way of finding any attachments loaded either in zephyr or Jira 


any help would be great not a great end to the year 







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    Hi Nasar,


    I sent a reply to your other request that sounds similar.  Something else that might help is the "/testcase/{testCaseKey}/attachments" endpoint for the API.  I'm assuming you could loop/enumerate through your test case IDs to find those that have attachments and go from there.  The link below is for the Server version.  There's a different set of APIs if you're using the Cloud version of Zephyr Scale.


    Zephyr Scale Server API (v1) (


    Good luck!



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      Thank you, Andy!


      Nasar does this help? Please let us know.

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        No it didn't   i don't use API's

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      Hey Andy


      Thank you but I am not familiar with using  API's 


      New eve's at mid day

      IT security send me scary email that I posted something sensitive on Jira . 

       Jira provider did an investigation they couldn't find anything 


      Three weeks later IT have still not given any specifics other the fact that their Mcafee system detected that sensitive data had been loaded to Jira .  The whole incident gave me the jitters 


      This maybe a wild goose chase thank you for your time