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2 months ago

Report detailing the execution result of the test case folders

I need to generate a report that shows the execution status of the folders included in the run. Keep in mind that during the execution, folders from other projects, such as a repository, are added, as well as those created within this project.

In Zephir Scale, is it possible to generate something like this? That is, to display the execution status of ALL the folders included in the run.


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    It might not be possible using the reports we currently have because there is no 'report by folder' option.  Currently, you would have to create a report for each folder and select the folder to filter the report by.  This doesn't work as a summary report but it could work as a dashboard 'report'  by taking the same approach but adding a gadget for each folder.  It depends of course how many folders you have.  As an example...