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9 months ago

Regarding Creating Test cycle/Updating Test cases and then Status of Test execution through Rest-API

Dear All,


I am using Zephyr cloud. Went through below documentation, still Lot of questions:

  1. 1.How to add the Test cases on Test Cycle using the REST API?
  2. 2.How to Update the Status in Test player, because using POST API - "" It is adding a new Testexecution, not updating the existing one.
  3. 3.How to attach an excel in Test case level report which is in XYZ Test cycle?

Kindly Help me in answering the above ones!

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    We don't tend to get a lot of support from the community for API questions.  You might be lucky, but I suggest contacting Smartbear support here in case you don't get a quick reply from the community: SmartBear Support