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19 days ago

Questions on Zephyr Scale

  1. Can we make the Test case fields mandatory like Precondition, Folder, Priority, Component, Coverage, Owner, Steps, Action, Expected Results?
  2. Can we remove the fields like Objective, Labels and Estimated Time?
  3. Where do we have standard field for tracking Test type (Manual)?
  4. Can we remove Test Script from Test steps?

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    To your 3rd question:

    If you want to track a field like this for manual vs automated you would need to create a custom field called "Test Type" which you would then populate with either manual or Automated.

    MisterB  is correct that it automatically detects in the execution but this will not update any fields within the testcase, unfortunately it would be a manual operation. But you could use search capability and bulk update if you are converting manual to automation regularly

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    1. No.  It has been requested by users and is hopefully under consideration
    2. No.  Same as above
    3. I haven't used automated testing with Scale, but from memory, the execution type is detected and set as appropriate
    4. No.