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9 months ago

PLEASE HELP: Pictures added to Test Script Steps Disappear

Good morning/afternoon!

I've been creating test steps and adding many pictures to each step.
However, when I've gone back to these test scripts...sometimes just an hour or two later, all I see is a thumbnail (where the image once was):
I've tried adding them by dragging, uploading, and copying them. When I hit save on the test script they are there, but without rhyme or reason, I go back, and all I see is this.



Thank you in advance!


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    I hope this is working for you by now or you found a solution?  I've not experienced this issue before but I did a quick test on my instance and I couldn't replicate it after a check at the 1 and 2 hour mark.  I don't know what could be causing this - perhaps something on your server if you're on the Server version of Scale - but I imagine SmartBear Support can help you track it down.


    Good luck!