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6 days ago

Only Details column available for Test Cycle and Test Plan

Project is newly using Zephyr Scale
I'm in the process of migrating the test cases to Zephyr and when I go to set up Test Cycle and Test Plans, I only have the Details tab
In Zephyr Scale settings everythign is enabled for me
Does anyone have an idea of how to show the additional tabs so I can  link test cases?



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    SmartBear have released modal forms as a step towards auto-save.  You can read more about it at the link below.  But to answer your question, when you create a Test Cycle you will see there is a button to Create or Create & Edit.  If you choose the latter you will be taken to your new Test Cycle and see the other tabs.

    Modals for test case/cycle/plan creation - Zephyr Scale (