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3 years ago

Need to Find items (tests) that i have worked on

i am to find items i have worked on within a given period 




because i am trying to find an attachment that I have uploaded by mistake - this sounds crazy but have looked through each item i think i have worked on but just in case somehow i  may have loaded file to someone else's test /jira issue 


I am hoping that there is simple report that says you have  uploaded items to  x number of test cases ( points to the specific test cases) in the given period 


hope this makes sense i am trying to locate a file i have uploaded by mistake 

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    I don't have access to Zephyr Scale at the moment so unable to verify if this will work but have you tried creating a custom report and using the custom filter to show only test cases that have an attachment?  there might be other metadata you can use to find the attachment you're looking for if you download the dataset into Excel (export feature is in the top right-hand corner in some reports like test execution results list).


    Let us know if it helps?



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      Hey Andy


      First of all thank you for quick response to be honest i had been in a bit of  panic  to find this data which to date no one ( Not me / JIra our IT dept.) has been able to locate


      IT department scan picked up an alert that I had posted some sensitive data to Jira but they no one seems to be able to find it even after three weeks It gave me my 19th Nervous breakdown hence bene off air ğŸ˜‰ 


      Custom Reports you suggested is not something i can see in Zephyr scale there are some pre- built reports but none to identify attachments