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3 years ago

Link Sprint to Test Execution and try to make a Report



I need to know the execution status of each test case linked to a story in the sprint. That is, I need to extract information from Zephyr Scale for the linked tests in the sprint.


I also need to get a report that measures the quality of each of the sprint with a specific Zephyr report or simply by extracting the test cases linked to a specific Sprint through an excel file, in order to build my own report.


I have tried to follow many questions through the community, but none of them fit me or it is not possible to get the results indicated in the ticket:



I only need to link one sprint with the test execution in order to extract data and measure the quality of the sprint. We use an incremental release process with one release and 8 different sprints.



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  • Hi,


    To get the execution status for test cases linked to stories in a sprint, you can generate a traceability report and filter for the sprint.


    You would first need to create a Jira search filter for the sprint and save it. See my example:


    After saving the search filter, go to Zephyr Scale and select Reports

    Select Traceability > Traceability Report

    In the filter by section, select to filter by Issue (this will expand the Favorite Filters menu)

    Select the filter created for the sprint

    Then Last Execution for results


    The report will look like this:


    To see sprint quality, you could filter the test execution reports by date, or try some of the different dashboard gadgets that can be configured in various ways.


    Please let me know if this helps!