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7 months ago

Reporting Execution by Sprint

When I run any report in Zephyr all the information for the execution is shown but the not executed test cases. There is a column but it shows 0%. When I look at our test cases that have not been executed they are labeled correctly. Is this a bug? 

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    I've not seen that before, and just to make sure I'm understanding correctly I'll read back what I think I'm hearing:


    Taking MOOSE-C3 as an example, your scenario is that you have 43 test cases added to MOOSE-C3, of which 1 test case has been started and has a status of In Progress.  All other test cases in MOOSE-C3 have a status of Not Executed but are not counting towards total number of tests Not Executed in all your reports.


    If that is the case I agree with your assessment: it's a bug, possibly some weird glitch when the project was created.  I'd contact SmartBear support for help: SmartBear Support