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10 months ago

Jira issue type search for "Test" issue types - Scale vs. Squad, Data Center vs. Cloud

It appears that with Zephyr Scale for JIra in Jira Data Center, the "Test" issue type is not available in the general Jira Issue search (Issues main pulldown menu).  Instead, you need to go to the "Tests" main pulldown menu to search for Test issues.


While in Zephyr Scale for Jira Cloud, the "Test" issue type is present from a vanilla Jira search.  I can't find any explicit explanation of this difference in SmartBear's documentation.


My assumption is that it's just an implementation difference between Zephyr Scale Jira App between Data Center and Cloud versions of Jira - but just checking that there's not something I'm doing wrong that causes Zephyr for Jira Tests not to be searchable via a generic Jira Issue search in Jira Data Center.  Not a big deal, I just want to make sure I'm understanding correctly the differences in some of these product options.

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    Just checking that you're working with Zephyr Scale and are not thinking about what's possible with Zephyr Squad.  I remember seeing a post like this in the past (link below) and it turned out that the Test Issue Type is specific to Squad only.


    Test Issue Type - SmartBear Community





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      My bad!  On the Cloud Scale installation where I was checking, turns out some time ago I had created my own custom issue type called "Test" and this is what I was seeing, and assuming it had come from Zephyr Scale for Jira Cloud.


      So - yep - Scale doesn't add a new issue type in either Jira Cloud or Jira Data Center.


      I'll check a Squad install and see how that works.  Having the Zephyr Test Case issue types treated as normal Jira Issues with their own Issue Type, and available in a typical Jira search and Jira gadgets outside the context Zephyr-specific features could be useful.