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11 months ago

Is there a way to automatically map requirements to a test case when importing test cases?

We are looking to automatically map our 150+ requirements to our 500+ test cases while importing the test cases. Currently the only option we are seeing is to map requirements to a test case after the test case has been imported however, this is a manual process. 

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    You are correct in your description of what's possible: it's a manual process.  To help with that process...


    • When you import your test cases you could add a label to each test case that maps to its related requirement
    • Then use a Filter on the Test Case screen to find and select all test cases with 'x' label
    • Then use the More>Bulk Edit feature and select the "Coverage (issues)" option to link all selected Test Cases to the relevant Requirement (issue)
    • And optionally, delete all labels using the Configuration menu