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3 years ago

Is it possible to track and report on test cycle progress over time?

Hi there.

When we run tests, they often take some time to fully execute. On a daily basis we currently track in Excel the % complete a tester reports on that day. This allows us to monitor progress over time.

We would like to replace this with something integrated into Zephyr Scale, and that can be mined to show a that daily progress value, for a time period, by test case.

We could use the Zephyr Scale reports, but we also have EasyBI.

It seems to me we would need to either:

a) have a custom field in Zephyr Scale where the tester can report their % complete as they run. This would still be progress.

b) be able to query the progress % for any given day from Zephyr scale, and retrieve it for graphing in a report.

Is either of these possible? Can Zephyr Scale return historical values for a) its progress %, or b) a custom field that we create?

Many thanks.

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    Hi Julian,


    There isn't really an option for what you need.  There are reports where you can track overall progress of a tester, e.g. Test Execution Scorecard by Tester, or Test Execution Results (Progress), but it doesn't give you a day by day effort and it's based on figures as at 'today'.  If you decide that would work you can use the Custom filter to create separate dashboard parts for a tester or team, and report their progress.


    I don't think option A will work inside Zephyr Scale.  You can add custom fields but they are associated with Cases, Cycles, Plans, etc., and what you need is something that is not associated with any of those.  I guess you could use a Jira Issue Type to get around that, e.g. Task, and in there you'd have one Issue per tester and you could either use an existing field or create a custom one for reporting % complete.


    I needed something like this as well but to understand test velocity.  My solution used the data export from Zephyr, which I pasted into Excel where I had some formulas (using the tester, test execution status and test execution date fields) that sat behind some data/graphs reporting the average speed at which test cases were being executed and how many tests were executed in the last 'x' days and executed yesterday.  I'm sure you can do something similar for what you need by adding up the tests assigned to a tester and then calculating the % executed, not executed, blocked, etc.


    Hope that helps.