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2 years ago

Is it possible to select all test cases based on a label from all projects in Jira?

Hi, we have multiple teams with individual projects in Jira (20+), each with their own test cases, and we have a Central team that runs regular regression test passes. The regression pass is a subset of the test cases from all projects based on label that's applied to the test cases. I see that we can individually select each project, query the label, and then add it to a test cycle (which for 20+ projects, takes some time). Is there a way to just query all test cases based on the label across all projects in one go?



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    Hi Andy,


    By 'query' I assume you mean use a filter to find tests with the label, and you want to apply that filter to all relevant projects.  I don't think that's currently possible via the UI.  It might be possible using the API but I've not explored using the API to advise.  This probably isn't going to help but you can locate the relevant test cases in all projects using Reports, as that has the ability to select multiple projects and apply a label filter - the problem is you can't get the test cases into a test cycle.


    Regards, Andy