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21 days ago

In Zephyr Scale Cloud, Any way to retrieve the test case / test step fields details via REST API ?

Hi, I have a requirement on the following:

  1. Enabled Zephyr Scale Cloud version in Jira cloud and enabled Zephry Cloud plugin in a sample project.
  2. Added some custom fields to the test cases and test steps for the project selected in step 1..
  3. Requirement is,  to list the default fields for test case and test steps, along with the data type, required field flag.
    1. Additionally, ability to retrieve the same for the custom fields as well enabled in step 2.

I got the know that Zephyr Scale Cloud REST APIs are not allowing these. Is it correct.. ?

Pls let me know if this could be achieved by any means, if so, pls let me know way to achieve this..

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