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11 months ago

Importing Cucumber feature files and test cases into Zephyr Scale

I currently implement cucumber in my java selenium automation framework. 
We have a need to start tracking the results with zephyr scale.

However, we do not have the cucumber features or test cases written out in zephyr scale at all. Writing all of them again manually to match the extensive amount of features and tests in our framework would be extreme impractical. 

I am curious if there is an automated way to import all of our cucumber features files and test cases from the java framework into zephyr scale. 

I tried importing the cucumber feature files but it did not seem to be possible based on what I found, and the documentation I found talks about importing test results but seems to require having all of the features and test cases written out in zephyr scale already. 
However, I am in a situation where I have all of my cucumber features and test cases in the project repository, but none of them are in zephyr scale yet.
Is there some relatively painless way to import everything we have built out into zephyr scale?

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    We solved this issue by buying a tool that imports our test cases from git repository and also the automated results from our pipeline to Zephyr. Couple of teams used the API to build the tool themselves