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10 months ago

Import/export from one JIRA project to another one (XML): Attachments links aren't exported

When I export JIRA Zephyr Scale test cases from one JIRA project to another one via XML file manually, attachments (files) aren't exported via XML file(neither added for particular step or added to Attachments tab).
At the same time, if test case included images added to text fields (steps, etc.), they are exported as S3 links and displayed after importing to another project.

Can it be improved?

Thank you in advance!

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    I'm reading your post as a feature request, which you could post to the roadmap portal and then we could all support by voting for your idea - it looks like you have 7 already! 🙂


    There is another option that might work for you: you can add test cases from other projects into a test cycle.  Using that option you get to keep images (and I think attachments) that are in the target test case.  The potential drawback is that the test cases you add remain in the original project's test case library.