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3 years ago

Identify testcases assigned to an intermediate folder

We are managing testcases and testcycles by using folders.

Folders are organized as a tree. Each folder can have sub-folders whcih can be repeated. A folder which has on or more sub-folders I call it an intermediate-folder.

When selecting an intermediate-folder all the objects are listed which belong to this intermedia-folder and all the sub-folders below.


How can only those obejcts (cases/plans) be selected which are associated to an intermeidate-folder ?



Which means there are 2 objects associated to A. How can we select these ?

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    It's a bit odd but I can't find a way to do this other than using the Reports section, which is obviously not ideal but it does at least enable you to identify the test cases that are in a folder (by filtering on the folder you want, "Folder A" in your example).  Ideally the Filter option in the test case view should enable you to add criteria but it just defaults to ALL.


    I've added my vote for this feature to be added to the Cloud version and you can do the same here: TestCase Explorer: Improve Filtering for | Zephyr Scale Cloud Ideas ( (you'll need to register as a user on the board if you're not already).