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4 years ago

How to run a Test Case multiple times in the same cycle?



We are moving from Zephyr to Zephyr scale and are trying to run the same test case in test case in a test cycle multiple times. We used to do this in the original zephyr by executing it in the ad hoc area. Is this possible in Zephyr scale? 

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    Hi, gdv2316! Thank you for your question.

    As you have probably noticed, Zephyr Scale does not allow you to add the same test case to a test cycle more than once.

    However, you can have multiple test executions for that test case within the same cycle.


    From the Cycles library (top right corner) open the test cycle, then select the test case in the list and click New Test Execution. You'll be able to see all the test executions from the Test Player as well as from the Test Case - via the Executions tab.

    Please note that the status of a test case is the status of its last test execution.


    I hope you find this helpful,