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2 years ago

How to reorder the test case number when skipped upon deleting

Is there a way on how to reorder the test case number? I purposely permanently deleted some test cases without knowing that the test case number will be skipped. I was expecting that when I deleted the test cases the remaining test case number ex.155 will be reordered with test case number 156 but on my case it was followed by other test case number ex. 200 when I try to create a new test case. How can I fix this one? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you. 

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    I'm not sure but I think you're asking about the automatic test case ID that is applied when you create a test case.  There's no function to re-seed the next number used or to re-number all test case IDs.  You could potentially workaround the issue by creating a custom field and applying your own reference in there.


    But if you're asking about how to re-order the position of a test case you can do that within the test cycle, going to the test cases tab and manually dragging test cases into the desired position.