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11 months ago

How to Import Tracability Field through csv file or how to map it.

Dear Team,

We are currently facing challenges while mapping the traceability field while importing test cases from CSV to Zephyr Scale. Is there any option or mapping available that allows us to include traceability details such as JIRA ID, User Story ID, or Epic ID to associate them with test cases? This would greatly assist us in generating traceability reports without any difficulties.

Thank you,

Ashish Sonar

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    Great question!  I've not had a requirement to do this as yet, but a quick look seems to verify what you're probably seeing: there isn't an option available for linking issues (Epics, Stories, etc.).  It seems the only way around this is to manually link test cases to issues using the Bulk Edit feature and the "Coverage (Issues)" option.





    If you want a definitive answer, SmartBear support will be able to advise: SmartBear Support

    Regards, Andy