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3 years ago

How to import executed test cases via Zephyr Scale Cloud

Hi All,


I've read a few articles about importing but thought i might ask the gurus here 🙂


I am on Zephyr Scale (cloud) and would like to import some previous Zephyr Squad test cases (which have been executed) and would like to bring their executed status and if possible and attachments over. Is there a guide or what is the best way to get this going?


Thanks in advance!

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  • Hey navsta 


    Great post, Its going to be tricky given the schemas are different.


    However for this type of migration I would check out the REST API



    It provides the ability to manage and correlate dependency data like you mentioned. 


    Depending on your location there may also be migration partners who can assist. 


    I would reach out to SmartBear for that information 


    Let me know how you get on with this