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4 months ago

How to add existing execution to test cycle

I have already run a test, but at the time it was not associated with a test cycle.  Now, I would like to add this execution to a test cycle.  How can I add an existing execution to a test cycle after it has been run?

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    I'm guessing the test you ran was an ad-hoc test that originated from an Issue.  In that scenario the execution history can't be transferred to a test cycle - we would need access to edit the execution history, which would be a great admin feature for cases like this, but unfortunately is not available.

    It is still possible to do what you want because when an ad-hoc test case is created, it is added to the the test library (Test Case tab) and therefore all you need to do is add it to your chosen test cycle, and then re-record the result (because as mentioned above, you will lose the execution record contained in the Issue).  The test case will likely be in the root folder and it's easy to find test cases without folders by clicking on the "..." next to the "All test cases" folder and choosing the option to show "Test cases with no folder".