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2 years ago

How do I upload a cucumber JSON results file to my Zephyr Scale project?

So I have a project in Zephyr Scale.  I have my JSON results file from the execution of my cucumber tests.

I've followed the documentation and attempted to upload my results file via a POST from Postman (as a test) and I'm getting no response from the server.

The url is and QAT is the name of my Zephyr project.

The Authorisation is by Bearer Token that I generated from Zephyr and works for other API calls.


I have set the body type to form-data and have the following parameters:

file - report.json

type - application/json


When I run it, I get no response.  When I run the same thing from curl I get a response of 

no matches found:


I know the QAT project exists because if I run I get a response


I tried the same with a junit.xml type file and still get the same issue.  Any ideas where I' going wrong here?

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