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4 years ago

How do i run same test cases for different Point of Sale

I work for a business who has 12 Point of Sale and i am trying to work out how i can create test cycles for different POS without having to created separate test cycles for each POS.

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    Hi, preethiperam! Thanks for your question.


    Since you don't want to create separate test cycles, one thing you could do is create environments for each Point of Sale (in the Zephyr Scale main page, click on the cog icon, then Environments).


    Then, when in the test player, select a test case and then select an environment for that execution. Once you're finished, you can click on Start a new test execution, select a different environment, and so on, until you've tested all Points of Sale.


    That way, you can use a single test cycle to test all of them.


    I hope this answers your question,