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2 years ago

Getting test plan info using python and REST API - Server

Looking to automate many of our testing procedures using python and Zephyr Scale. We currently operate off of the server version of Zscale and are trying to learn whether the python library to communicate with the REST API will be able to complete the tasks we need.

Using the zephyr-python-api library, we are just trying to get information from the server that will allow us to move forward. At the moment we are trying to pull test plan data and test cycle data, but we have run into many issues and errors no matter what method we've tried. Without engulfing you in the entire code, I will show the pieces that are giving us issues.

Just looking for any direction with this, thank you.

from zephyr import ZephyrScale
zscale = ZephyrScale.server_api(base_url=url, token=tkn)
zapi = zscale.api
query = {
"projectKey": f"{project}"
testPlan_out = zapi.test_plans.search_plans(query=query)
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