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4 years ago

Generate jwt token for zephyr scale.

Hello there.


           I'm trying to generate the JWT token from .Net for zephyr scale. The problem is that zephyr scale don't provide the secret key as zephyr. I have created two token one from the .Net and second from the Jira. I have debug both at , and their Json are perfectly same but the second one that i have created from .Net is not working. I think this is cause of zephyr scale won't provide the secret key.


       Is it possible to create the JWT token except from Jira or any suggestion that how to create the JWT token for zephyr scale.


Thanks in advance!

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    Hi chirag418 ,


    You won't be able to create a JWT and sign it yourself for use with our API because you do not have the secret that the JWTs are signed with. Without this secret it will fail. The only way to get this JWT which is signed correctly is via the 'Zephyr Scale API keys' page in Jira.


    I don't think this is a problem for you, because these JWTs are valid for a year. There's no need to programatically generate the JWTs since you can just provide the JWT that you previously created via the Jira UI to your .NET application.


    Hopefully that helps.