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2 years ago

Executing a test case from Zephyr Scale in Jira from a list of tests

I'm using Zephyr Scale in Jira and I want to be able to execute a test direct from the Zephyr Scale list, rather than have to go back into the Jira issue to execute.
Can someone tell me how to do this? It's not obvious that I can do it.


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    I find the best way to execute tests is by using the test Player in Scale, and not from Jira.


    The Test Player can be found by clicking on the relevant Test Cycle - it automatically opens the Test Player and provides you with the list of test cases contained in the cycle and the steps to execute for each test.


    To find the Test Cycle, in the Jira menu bar click on Apps > Zephyr Scale, then navigate to Test Cycles (located just above the folder list.