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2 years ago

Error trying to upload results from pytest to Zephyr Scale



We are following these steps:


We have downloaded the project and generated the sample xml file "junitxml_report.xml" (see attachments) with the command: pytest --junitxml=output/junitxml_report.xml


We have got a new access token from our jira/Zephyr project.


On Postman, in the tab “Authorization” we have selected “Bearer token” and introduced our token. In the tab “Params”, we have created 2 parameters: projectKey = PZUT; autoCreateTestCases = true. In the tab “Body” we have selected “form-data“ and createdy 2 new entries: file and testCycle. For “file“ we have selected from Postman the sample XML file we have generated above. For “testCycle” we have introduced this value:


"name": "Full regression",
"description": "Any additional description can be added here.",
"jiraProjectVersion": 10000,
"folderId": 10001,
"customFields": {
"Build Number": 20,
"Release Date": "2020-01-01",
"Pre-Condition(s)": "User should have logged in.",
"Implemented": false,
"Categories": "A,B",
"Tester": "JIRAUSER10000"


(we have sent the query with and without the field “testCycle”, but the result was the same).


So, the resuling URL in postman was (POST):


When we sent the request with Postman, new test cases are created in our Zephyr, but they are empty, no testcycles are created, and Postman gets the following response:


"errorCode": 400,
"message": "Test Case Key DEV-T40 is missing",
"status": "Bad Request"

The created (but empty) test cases in Zephyr are the following:


Key: PZUT-T1; Name: tests.test_parametrized.test_parametrized
Key: PZUT-T2; Name: tests.test_sample.TestClass.test_method
Key: PZUT-T3; Name: tests.test_sample.test_method_1_without_class
Key: PZUT-T4; Name: tests.test_sample_with_unittest.TestStringMethods.test_isupper_DEV_124
Key: PZUT-T5; Name: tests.test_sample_with_unittest.TestStringMethods.test_split_DEV_125
Key: PZUT-T6; Name: tests.test_sample_with_unittest.TestStringMethods.test_upper_DEV_123


We have searched for "DEV-T40" in the code and we found the file "...\tests\", which contains:

import pytest

@pytest.mark.skip(reason='no way of currently testing this')
class TestIgnoredClass:

    def test_method1_DEV_T40(self):
        assert 1 == 1

    def test_method3_DEV_T41(self):
        assert 5 == 4


But we really don't know why the postman request is failing. We have also tried from curl, but we get the same error:


C:\SQS\Kerma\zephyr-scale-pytest-example-main>curl -H "Authorization: Bearer %TOKEN%" -F "file=@C:\SQS\Kerma\zephyr-scale-pytest-example-main\output\junitxml_report.xml;type=application/xml" ""
{"errorCode":400,"message":"Test Case Key DEV-T40 is missing","status":"Bad Request"}


Could you help us to solve the 400 errorcode "Test Case Key DEV-T40 is missing"?


Thank you!

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