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3 years ago

do Zephyr Scale reports work with Jira Cloud + Confluence Server?

hi everyone, our company works with Jira Cloud in connection with Confluence Server. my QAs are trying to paste Zephyr Scale macros in their Confluence pages, but keep getting the following error message:
You cannot add this macro because Zephyr Scale is not installed on Jira. Get online help about Zephyr Scale 

The target Confluence space is connected to Jira Cloud, all application links are set up. Zephyr Scale is present and active in the Jira Cloud instance. 

Is there something I'm missing?

Thank you in advance.

  • The issue could be that you're working with Jira cloud and confluence server. The reporting plugin is only available for server or datacenter instances, and both applications have to be on either server or data center to work.


    A request for this feature has already been submitted, feel free to vote for it in our ideas portal here:

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