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3 years ago

Can you view names and objectives on the same screen?

We are really struggling with the fact that you can't see the names and objectives for a test case on the same screen when viewing the repository. You have to open each test case individually, which results in so many tabs being open and clicking back and forth. 


Is there a way to view the test case name and objective on the same screen and I'm just missing it? This is almost a deal breaker for us. It's inefficient and adds so much time to our process.

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    I don't think you're missing anything - you can see the test case name, owner and a few other fields but not the objectives.  I sort of get why this is: the objective field is a rich text field and it could be messy on-screen trying to show paragraphs of data, but even so, it would be great if it was truncated to the first 50 characters or so.


    My guess is this isn't ideal but it is possible to do what you want using the API 


    Cloud: "Get test cases" Zephyr Scale for Jira Cloud API (

    Server: /testcase/{testCaseKey} Zephyr Scale Server API (v1) (


    Hope that helps and good luck!

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    Just realised that it is indeed possible using a custom field that you create in the Test Case.  I created one using a single line text field and then added that column to the repository screen!

  • Hey! Thanks for the reply. That is a great idea but unfortunately won't work for us. We would need to create a custom field and migrate every single objective over for 3,000+ test cases. And the view still isn't great. Ideally, Zephyr should prioritize improving the visibility on test cases. So far it's been very buggy and limits what we can do. We are having to find workarounds and it's adding time to our every day work.