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4 years ago

Can we assign name, folder for a new created test cycle while pushing report from jenkins?

The "Test management for Jira" plugin is installed in Jenkins and all configuration is done. The automation test result can be successfully pushed to Zephyr Scale in Jira with a new created test cycle id, but I can't find the details of this new test cycle id. Is it possible to assign name and details like Folder and Planning start/end date to this new test cycle while pushing test result?

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    I have the same problem.

    In the REST API

    test cases, test plans and folders have a PUT request to update an existing item. But test run (test cycle) does not.


    Right now all test cycles are named the same, Automated Build and in no folder.

    I would like to be able to rename a test cycle and place it in a folder from CI.


    Or provide this information to the /automation/execution/ API.