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4 years ago

Bulk Creation and Updates of Test Cycles

One of our projects is heavily encumbered by the creation of their Zephyr Scale Test Cycles.  They are testing 4 process areas in roughly 100 countries with each process having around 50 cases. The manual effort to create the cycles is thus massive (4*100*50=20000) and represents only one of several testing events.  If end users had the ability to create Test Cycle data via bulk upload like we enjoy with Test Cases, it could be a massive timesaver.


Also, I had previously logged this "idea" with TM4J's roadmap system allowing it to "gather interest" among users through votes.  The link that I was provided is no longer valid so I assume this is the appropriat forum for enhancement requests.  Is there a more appropriate avenue for these outside of 'Community'?



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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi, NICKatKPMG! Thanks for your question.


    Currently, the only way to create test cycles automatically is via the /automations/* endpoints, in which you upload a file with the test results of your execution. It does not provide a way to update test cycles automatically, though.


    You mentioned that your link to the Ideas Portal is not valid anymore. It might be the case that it got changed because of the rebranding from TM4J to Zephyr Scale. Perhaps you just need to change the base URL of the link you've got.


    Here are the links:

    Zephyr Scale Cloud Ideas

    Zephyr Scale Server/DC Ideas


    I hope this answers your question,