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2 years ago

Additional Zephyr Scale suggestions

We're using Zephyr Scale 8.11.1 and I just learned that we're going to be moving to Zephyr Cloud. If the below items are already in the cloud version, could you plz let me know.


1. When editing a test case:

   a) Include the ability to clone the test case

   b) Include the ability to perform a find and replace

   c) Ability to save a test step as a snippet and/or insert a snippet

3. When executing a test case, you allow inserting a picture for each step and I want to also allow inserting a video (see 1st picture)

4. BUG: When editing a test case and clicking Insert Link, some of the text is cut off (see 2nd picture)

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    1a, b & c are the same in Cloud, so a Yes

    3, also no change as far as I'm aware (I can attach files), so a Yes also

    4 not sure about that one