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5 years ago

Zbot execution stuck in in-progress status

I was configuring Zephyr to trigger my selenium scripts, I have already installed Zbot, gave proper script path and like that. But after I hit E button it stucks there, in-progress. How can I fix that please?


Thanks in advance


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  • assuming that you filled out the rest of the configuration fields correctly, and that you are using an additional module to create the junit xml results file out of that selenium script (i.e py.test --junit etc.etc.) then I'd assume that there is a process error within either the selenium script itself or the way you are calling on your script within the batch file. 

    My first thought would be to run your selenium script manually outside of zephyr (start it with your IDE). if that works without any error message at all, and if the junit xml files are being generated, then we can narrow it down to that being an error within your batch file.

    I'd recommend using command line arguments like taskkill to terminate the browser processes that were previously run using your webdriver protocols. it may be there the driver didnt properly quit, and that zbot is seeing that the process is still running, hence still "in progress" since the execution of your test never "ended"