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5 years ago

Upgraded Zapi now test case count list has mismatch. Also Fetching data from index error message

Good Morning,


We have submitted a ticket to Zephyr early yesterday and followed up this morning. We have not heard back yet. Recently upgraded the Zapi and Zephyr and our users noticed the test case count list mismatch. We would do a zephyr hard index of the project the missing test case would display along with duplicates but when executing the test case the error message of "Fetching data from index" would populate. We have done a jira re-index and zephyr hard index for all projects but still does not seem to resolve the issue. 


Test--->Plan Test Cycle-->Phase2 Pilot1-->Phase2 Pilot1 Must Have(Cycle name)-->Click on Header(Phase 2 Pilot1 Must Have)

the count in the cycle is 44, but when click on header count is only 14, 30 are missing...

I tried zephyr all project hard re-index. was doing the cleanup cycle but left the page - don't know if it is still running? now team is seeing this error:

Error in fetching data from indexes. Displaying mandatory results from DB.
This is the error I'm receiving.

What should we do?

Jira - v7.10.0#710001-sha1:0399717 (Server)
Zephyr -
Zapi -

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