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3 years ago

unable to link to components that have spaces in them through the importer tool

Hi all,


I'm using the importer to add some test cases into JIRA, but when I add a component to the test cases which has a space in the component name (example 'upgrade project') I get an invalid component error back and so I'm having to leave the component out and then mass update the test cases afterwards.

I've tried to use different methods to show it as one word instead of a separate component such as speak marks, apostrophes, underscores, even wild card items such as enclosing it in percentages etc... but so far to no avail.

Does anyone know if its possible to add a component through the importer which would have a space in it?

thanks all in advance

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  • Hi, sorry for the delayed response. Are you still having an issue? If so, can you please upload a screenshot? 

    Also just want to confirm that this is for Enterprise and not our Jira based apps (Squad and Scale).