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3 years ago

License Required

Hi, I am working in an org. We are using Jira for entire org. But due to difficulty in managing manual testcase written in an excel, I need Zephyr to be integrated with Jira. All I understood is that the Zephyr license is applicable to all the user using Jira. But I need only specific 1 license for me to prepare the POC post which I can demo the same to higher management. If they approve then we can go for License discussion. But before I also want to know if I can only take the license only for my team which will be max 50. Is there any way out there? Please revert e for one license which I will be till I complete My POC. I cant integrate free version because it require Admin approval which I don't have. If there is any possibility to get 1 license for 2-3 month, then I can go ahead and talk to my manager for the same to get an admin approval.




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  • Hi 1619041 


    I can have someone reach out to you to set up a Zephyr Eenterprise trial. 


    Can you private message me your work email and country just so I can find the right person. 


    You will need to have your own Jira instance as ZE is a standalone solution but we can help with what you need to do in order to integrate into your Jira instance. 


    Note the integration doest have to be configured by your site/system admin user. 


    It could be done using a project admin or even service admin. 


    As long as the user has the relevant permissions (project view rights, issue view rights, issue creation rights, web hook rights etc )