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2 years ago

Issue while running PDM example of Zephyr on NRF52840 dev kit

I have gone through the PDM sample example for NRF52840 which is available on SDK-Zephyr(NRF_connect)  and also built and flashed the same program in the nRF52840 dev kit. However, the NRF52840 dev kit cannot generate the clock at the configured clock pin, based on the program it is pin number 30 on port number 0. Moreover, the same NRF52840 dev kit is able to produce clock while flashing with a sample example from NRF SDK.
I have been trying to resolve this issue for the last 4 weeks, but I haven't succeeded.
Kindly, give some suggestions and feedback to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
Kind regards,
Dipam Shah
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