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Getting Started with the Zephyr Enterprise Community


Welcome to the Zephyr Enterprise Community! We will be happy to help you get started with Zephyr Enterprise and grow your expertise in the product.


Watch a short video guide above or keep reading to learn how to use the Zephyr Enterprise Community to benefit from it the most. 


Quick start

The Zephyr Enterprise Community is the perfect place to start your product journey and master your skills:


Ask Questions


Start a discussion or search for solutions on the Zephyr Enterprise forum! We have Community members all around the world who will be happy to assist you. 




Become a Community Champion!


Participate in our Community Champions program - A quarterly program aimed at rewarding you if you consistently post solutions and resources to assist fellow community members. Users participating in consecutive quarters are eligible for greater rewards and elevated community permissions. Read more about the program here.





more Smartbear resources

  • Free Zephyr Enterprise courses in the SmartBear Academy. This is a great learning resource that will help you improve your Zephyr Enterprise knowledge in no time. Check out the courses and enroll today and get certified!
  • Support Portal - explore helpful resources to get answers to your questions and take your usage of SmartBear products to new heights.
  • A free Zephyr Enterprise trial - if you haven't tried Zephyr Enterprise yet, request a trial today.
  • Community Guidelines - learn basic SmartBear Community rules and, please, don't break them.
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