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3 years ago

Execution custom field to auto populate from a test case field custom or default

there usually custom fields added to test type issues, example test type - Automated / Manual

And filtering based on these attributes is not possible in Zephyr,


So is there a way that a custom execution field gets a value from jira field while adding to test cycle

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  • Hi anubhavb 


    Custom fields are possible in Zephyr Enterprise. 


    They are also searchable and can be used as filter criteria. 


    Can you describe the full scenario you wish to achieve and I will point you in the right direction 

    Be it Zephyr Enterprise, Zephyr Scale or Zephyr Squad. 


    Given some of the verbiage you mentioned executing in Jira and test type I suspect you may be referencing to Zephyr Scale or Squad? 


    For Squad I would recommend posting here :


    For Scale I would recommend posting here : 






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      I'll try to explain further


      there is a test case with custom field - 'Test Type' = Automated / Manual  [are 2 possible values]

      when the test case is added to test cycle there is no way to filter the executions based on 'Test Type'


      if there is a way to create a test execution custom filed that is linked to a Test case custom field and gets its value when the test is added to the test cycle then the required filtering will be possible.


      hope this explains

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        Hi anubhavb 


        Ok I understand your workflow. 


        So, given this is a Zephyr Enterprise thread, I will explain how this is possible using Zephyr Enterprise. 


        Using custom fields, when configuring these fields you can declare if they are searchable or not. 



        This allows you to built search criteria for use like in custom reports or in your example, test planning and cycle/phase creation. 


        Now in Zephyr Enterprise, out of the box it differentiates test cases as manual or automated so there is no real need for a custom field.


        In otherwords using ZQL you can use "automated = true" for automated test cases or "automated = false" for manual when building up a searchable query. 


        This will provide you with what you need. 


        Again if you are not using Zephyr Enterprise check out the relevant community threads I pointed to in my initial post. 


        Hope the above helps