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7 months ago

What is meant by the phrase adapter/connector?

I want to apply for an entry-level Java developer position with the following requirements:

Familiarity with the SailPoint identity IQ standard adapter and connectors

By standard connectors, do they basically mean how SailPoint exchanges data with third-party tools?And by adapter do they mean that the adapter pattern would be used?

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    SailPoint IdentityIQ is mostly set up and changed using its own tools and a special code language called IdentityForge.

    But knowing how to program in Java can help you understand and add more things to the system, like making it work with other programs or tools.

    When you apply for the job, talk about how you understand things like managing who can access what, your Java skills, and any experience you have connecting different programs together or using special ways to make them work together.

    If you've worked with SailPoint or similar systems before, definitely mention that too


    Hope this helps - Happy to help further!!
    Thank you very much and have a great one!

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