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4 years ago

Trigger UI TestLeft Test (Java) as part of CI Process,

Im trying to integrate my testleft test on a gitlab CI pipeline, but I want to know if there is a way to run the test (maven) without login into the Remote Desktop, right now the only way that i have is manually open the remote session, than start the test from gitlab, 
I took a look at this:
but seems that is only for TestComplete projects(.mds / .pjs) not sure how to apply that into maven project, 


any help will be appreciated




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    Hi Jesus,


    TestLeft itself does not require active desktop session to execute. Also if your code in TestLeft drives unattended actions (i.e. those that does not have user interface), for example, creates and manipulates COM objects, than active desktop session is also not required.

    But active desktop session is required if your test code drives regular desktop application with UI. This is required not because of TestLeft, but due to essential Windows OS requirement. Without active desktop session, GUI application does not render its UI and consequently, TestLeft fails to control it.