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6 years ago

Does Testleft ui spy support "back" or "upwards" navigation through objects?


I'm using the TestLeft UI Spy as standalone tool. Quite often I use the three elipses button to navigate "down" into object hierarchy, but I can not seem to find a way to navigate either "up" in the hierarchy level or "back" to the object that was selected before.


Sometimes I can use the tree structure on the left for "up" navigation, and sometimes the selected object does have a "parent" field. 

But e.g. in the case of a TreeView object with items in a tree structure, this does not seem to work...I can use the three ellipses button to navigate "down" the tree (via index of the selected sub TreeViewItem), but this is not shown in the tree structure on the left.

Also the TreeViewItems do not feature a "parent" field.


So why I find the UI spy really useful for grabbing objects and extracting models, I find navigation within object structure slightly awkward.


IIRC, the TestComplete ObjectSpy did offer this feature, so either I fail to spot it in TestLeft, or I might have a wish for a feature.

Thanks in advance,


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