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6 years ago

Using WSDL on Swagger Inspector

I am attempting to use Swagger Inspector to test a WSDL service. The parse feature, however, has never been able to successfully read the WSDL file.

As a minimal method to test, I put all the necessary files in an S3 bucket (many of the XSDs come from NIEM so all the information cannot be in a single file).


When I provide a link to Swagger Inspector directly, the console logs an error citing Access-Control-Allow-Origin missing. All these files are visible from any origin. S3 buckets only send the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header if an Origin header is supplied in the request. I have tested and verified that this is the case.


If I send it a link to the WSDL from the deployed service in OpenShift, I get the same cross origin error despite there being no restrictions on what Origins can hit that URL.

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